Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our day to day

We had a very busy weekend. My good friend Cassandra convinced me to join Mary Kay a few months ago. Can you believe that I am a certified independent Mary Kay consultant. It's Crazy. But in any case. I've been getting a lot of "hints" to work my business more, even though I had only planned on just buying for myself and my mom. So I did what I hate and had a party. 16ish invitations went out, 2 people came. Hence the reason I had having parties. But it was actually a lot of fun. We got to do a lot of talking, drinking and eating, oh and a makeover. It was a really nice afternoon, but I hope not to do it again soon. It's just really not my thing to "sell" stuff, it's not in my nature. Mostly because I hate to be sold stuff. I'll stick to my online book business. which by the way is a bit slow. I think I've only made about $200, but at least i paid off my fancy phone with the profit.
Mason also had his last soccer game. He's really becoming quite the soccer player. He loves it too, which makes me so happy. He's become much more aggressive and confident. He no longer just wants to watch his feet to see how fast he can run. Kev and I are really very proud of him.
Today was a cleaning day for the basement, it's amazing how things can just pile up. But I'm happy to say it's back to clean, now the hard part which is keeping it that way.
Tonight at dinner, Jack told us of his dream from last night. All that he could recall was that he was climbing a mountain. It just brought a smile to my face. To imagine what a dream for him must be. He has such an imagination during the day, can't begin to imagine what happenens in his head at night.
Jack is always up to something. I has recently be trialing different ways to be mean. It started a few weeks ago with him telling me that if i didn't help him (with something) he wasn't going to be my baby anymore. I didn't respond, as I was afraid that he would get attention and keep doing it. A few days later he started telling Mason that he wasn't gunna be his brother anymore when he didn't get his way. I tried to discipline him, sending him to his room and such, but to no avail, the mean streak continued. So yesterday, I decided to try a little hot sauce on the tongue. He hated it, real alligator tears. I couldn't let him suffer for long, so I gave him a drink of milk quickly after, which took care of the burning. I thought for sure that would do the trick to stop the behavior, however, he did again today. I did the hot sauce on the tongue again. Only time will tell if it does the trick!

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