Sunday, November 29, 2009

so about this blog thing

By encouragement by Julie and Jessie I have decided to join the blogging revolution. I'm no sure what I will post or when I will get around to writing, but here is my first attempt. Now that I have a laptop upstairs, you never know what i might be able to accomplish!
At this present time, Mason is 5 and is in Kindergarten. I just had his teacher-parent conference last week. He did a great job with most everything with the exception of anything that included listening. Big shocker! that kid is so easily distracted and loves to hear his own voice. He has calmed down considerably in the last year, but still gets excited easily in groups and wants to be center of attention.
Jack is 2, is he ever. He is currently attending Northshore busy bee class 3 days a week. He has a very special friend Reed that he loves playing with. His teacher is Mrs. Gilles and she adores him. She tells me he can do no wrong, to which I am not sure i believe. He is such a sweet boy and will melt your heart, but he has a hitting throwing problem that seems to be getting a little better this last week. His vocabulary is soring, it's amazing. He is talking in full, grammatically correct sentences. I love it when he sings and especially loves it when he sing scooby do, because he sings "scooby scooby do we got some work to do right now" instead of "to do now" he is just so stinkin cute!
We just came home from a weekend in Yakima. Went to Kev's moms on Friday with Matt, Jon and all of there family. We had a nice time, the kids had a great time playing with all the cousins. It's so great they are all so close in age. On Saturday we went to my parents where Chad and Melissa were. Melissa is about 32weeks along and looks like the baby has dropped. She looks great but you can tell she is getting uncomfortable. Poor thing. I can't wait to meet my new little niece.
Sadly the biggest thing in my life right now involves a med error i made at work. The first med error since i became a nurse. The child is fine and no serious complications arose from it, just a lot of extra fluid and a little lasix, but I just can't stop thinking of it. Worst of all I have to meet with my boss to talk about it this week. I am just so angry with myself on so many different levels. Angry first of all that i was dumb enough to make the error, mad that i have to talk to my boss, angry that i involved another new nurse who is beside herself. Also that i was just starting to get my confidence back and now I feel like it's day one all over again. And I am so angry that i have given myself a bad name. People now have a lesser opinion of me. God commands us not to worry and to give our fear to him, so that is what I am going to do, at least what I am going to try to do.

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