Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trials and Tribulations of the Potty

Time keeps ticking by. I am anxiously awaiting the call from Chad to tell us the baby is coming. Melissa isn't due until Jan 28th, but with all the stress of moving, I thought for sure that baby would be making an early entrance. But, they have been in the house for 2 weeks, and no baby yet. I plan to fly up there the week after she is born. I wanted to go by myself because I didn't want to bring my kids around a new baby.
Jack and Mason have had a good week back to school. Just slipped back in without a hitch. I think they missed their friends. We have officially kicked off potty training. It's been about a week and we have had some good and bad days. The problem is that he is fine making a mess. It doesn't bother him to wear wet diapers, so he would prefer to stay in pull-ups. We have been bribing him with candy to get him to go, but that is losing its luster. I told him once he was potty trained he would get a big kid bed, like Mason. At first he was really excited, but now not so much. We just got to keep going, not a lot of teenagers that are still going in diapers.
Mason has been very helpful in making my life just a little more interesting. The other day I was cleaning the kitchen, the boys were playing quietly, too quietly. I heard Mason encouraging Jack, telling him he could do it and it would be ok. I thought, oh isn't that so sweet, what a nice brother. Then Mason comes running out of the bedroom, beaming, declaring that he had successfully taught jack how to climb out of his crib...great. I tried to instill some fear into jack, telling him that was dangerous and he could get hurt. I thought I might have succeeded, as he had not tried to get out of his bed the last few day. However, after i woke Jack from his nap today, i told him to call me when he was ready to get out of bed, and i would come back and get him. Moments later guess who comes running out from his room. errrr! I guess it's not the worst thing, as i expected to change his bed to a big boy bed shortly anyways. Now it will just be a little sooner.

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