Saturday, February 20, 2010

wow it's been a while

I think i may have completely forgotten about my blog. looking back at the last few months, i think this year is off to a good start. Jack officially potty trained January 23rd. He was bribed with a big kid bed. We went to the store and bought a cars bed set and told him if he made it through the whole week without and accident he would get his big kid bed. well it took 2 weeks but at last the dream came to pass. He was so excited, and still continues to be. every time we have someone over, he runs to his room to show off his bed. However, my greatest fear also came to pass. i was worried that once his crib was down he would never stay in bed....which is what happened. he was threatened that if he kept getting up, the bed would go away. things have gotten better, but naps are a thing of the past. oh so very sad. what 2 year old doesn't take a nap. he is still forced to have quiet time, because lets face it, mommy needs him to have quiet time. otherwise things are good with him. we are having a good week. he is listening well(ish) and following directions. I was due this week because he has progressively gotten more difficult as he has gotten older. he is always always testing. he gets frustrated with not getting his way easy and is much more physical them mason ever was. he hits and kicks mason constantly. I try to stay out of the countless arguments between them, but it's hard not to when one is beating up the other.
Mason is doing very well. He has been listening well and following directions. He is excited about school. He read me an entire book for he first time a few days ago. It was a book on creation. he did such a great job. he is always so worried that he cant do stuff. I had to bribe him to read it to me and i would post on facebook that he read an entire book. He was so thrilled to see all the posts that followed. the things he has been saying lately have been cracking me up. he told me the other day that dinosaurs and caveman were alive in 1983. when i told him that i was 4 years old then and didn't remember seeing them, he just said, "oh". He is getting very smart. I don't think i give him enough credit. The things he comes up with sometimes just shock me. He has been very concerned about the people of Hatti. He donated all the money in his piggy bank to the relief efforts. It is one of my greatest hopes that my children will always think of others in need and give without hesitation to others. Now that mason is getting older, i can see these teachings paying off a little. it makes me so very happy. What we need to do now is to start giving him chores and an allowance. We will be looking into that this next week.
Kev and I spent the last week of Jan fasting. Kev fasted from tv, I fasted from the Internet. we were praying about jobs and having one more child. nothing has come of it yet.... someone in bible study this week gave me a great piece of advice. she told me to be thankful for what i have. seems so simple, but for some reason i see it in a totally different light. I spend so much time trying to figure out my next step, i never stop and am just thankful. so that is what i am going to do. I am so looking forward to this summer and the camping trips we have planned. time with family is something we desperately need.

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