Sunday, February 21, 2010

Taxes and Birthdays

Ahhh feels good to be home, but bitter sweet to leave. We spent the weekend at mom and dads to do taxes on turbo tax and to celebrate moms 62nd birthday. its an annual tradition to go there to do those two things. The kids had a blast. They love going there and playing in the big backyard. Jack asked all day on Friday when we were going so he could go ride papa's tractor, also known as the lawn mower. We got there late on Friday, so first thing when Jack woke up Saturday, he started asking about the tractor. He was very patent and his dream finally came a reality. Per my dad, he put Jack in the trailer of the lawnmower and thought he was having a great time until he looked back an he had a look of fear on his face. apparently not have such a great time. that day was also included Jack getting locked outside alone to which completely scared him and him falling hard onto his backside. Not the greatest start, but the thing about Jack is that he gets over stuff pretty fast. By afternoon he was back on cloud nine. mason had a great time too. he spent his time "playing" the piano and running outside. He also went over to the neighbors and played with two little girls who showed him around the farm and helped him learn to climb a tree. He is still talking about it. I asked the kids what their favorite part of the weekend was. for jack it was going to the farm, which i assume is the neighbors house and Mason was playing with the two girls. Mason has always been really good at playing with both boys and girls. he can rev it up for the boys and settle down for the girls. a really good trait that will come in handy as he grows. I don't think jack will have the same ability. he's just too energetic for the girls.
I made a calendar with all of the Faith/Fuller family pictures for my mom, which she really seemed to like. My dad had a great idea to get a web cam for their house and our house and to set Chad up as well so that we could talk and see each other. i think it will be great to have. the kids love it and thinks it's pretty cool.
So another great weekend, it always makes me wish we all lived closer. maybe some day we will...

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