Sunday, December 13, 2009

The most wonderful types of weekends

What a wonderful weekend we had. Friday I helped my girlfriend Caroline host a party for her husbands office of 50 people. She lives for these type of things and soared through it as if she had been hosting parties her whole life. I would have been freaking out, but not Caroline, amazing. Saturday we had a wonderful morning with the family. Jack's Christmas list included only two things, a bakugon and Christmas lights on our house. So Kev fulfilled his Christmas dream and hung some lights on our house, which in turn prompted our neighbor to do the same. Jack was so excited, it looks so pretty at night. In the evening we had dinner with some dear friends, and again had a wonderful time. The food was amazing, the kids all played so nicely together and we were able to have hours of uninterrupted (well maybe not totally uninterrupted) adult conversation. Really the high light of the week. Hopefully after the new year we can start hosting some get togethers too. Today was our day of nothing. We had planned to take the kids sledding, but the passes did not get any snow. So instead we tried our hand at ice skating. We found out quickly that we are not cut out for ice skating. Mason had a great time. He used a upside down bucket to push himself around the rink. He has really come a long way in the last year. A year ago there is no way he would get out there and want to keep going. this time he didn't really even take a break for the hour we were there. I have always been so concerned about how easily he gives up and get discouraged, and I am so relieved to see that he is starting to push himself, and realize he doesn't have to be perfect at everything, there is something to be said for just having fun. Jack was hilarious! He had a very difficult time standing up on the ice. He was initially really excited to get out there, but once he figured out it wasn't all that easy, he had had his fill. He used the bucket to hang onto and Kev and I took turns pushing him around, just the one time around the rink. The funniest thing was that he was just letting his feet drag behind the bucket like a rag doll. He didn't even try to get back up on the skates. He is just so darn cute without even trying. On the way home he serenaded us with Jesus Loves Me. I love to hear my boys sing.
Speaking of singing. Mason is my early riser, much to my dismay. Once he wakes up in the morning he is very loud, he has no regard for anyone else trying to sleep, drives me crazy. But what he has been doing lately is to sing bible songs at the top of his lungs. Ya can't yell at the kid to be quiet when he is singing about the Lord, i think you go to hell for things like that. I think he must know that, that kid is way to smart! Got to love these kids, never a dull moment.

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