Friday, March 12, 2010

venting is good for the mind

I know I shouldn't be writing tonight because I have had all my buttons pushed tonight by all the boys/men in my house this week, therefore, this post may have a bit of a slant to the negative...
Mason, what are we going to do with this kid! He has always been my difficult one. You would think by age 5 i would have him figured out, but just the opposite. I just don't know what to do with him. It's like he doesn't hear our voice at all. You tell him to do something and he does the complete opposite. A few weeks ago he had done something that made me upset. I got at his level and spoke to him in a very stern voice while holding his arm and the first break in my sentence he butted in and asked if I thought the birds would come out today. OMG what am i to do. This week has been especially bad. He has landed on red 4 days in a row at school. In the entire school year he has only been on red once. and now he has been there 4 days in a row. He got punishments and talking to's the first day and everyday since. Last night he even had a playdate and a hockey game taken away. I thought for sure that would put him into shape, but no, red again. so tonight i took away a concert this weekend and he had to go to bed after dinner while Jack stayed up to watch a movie. This seemed to actually affect him. maybe he needs to feel the pain right then and there. maybe if i took him to the concert or the hockey game and then made him leave then he would understand how much his punishment sucks. I just don't know what to do. I worry so much about him. I'm concerned about what he will be like as a teenager. he just never seems to listen, he is in his own little world and he will do what he wants to do.
At least they take turns. Jack has really had a pretty good week. He has found a new founds love for the barney song I love You. He wants me to sing it over and over to him and cradle him like a baby while i do it. I guess I've found a new found love for that song as well. The days of cradling him, making eye contact and singing him are fewer then I would like and are most likely going to be fading away fast. I just wish i could hold onto these moments forever.
We have a big weekend. We are take down one of the walls in our bedroom to add some much needed light with some windows. I hope it won't put us in the pit. We've only gotten a rough estimate of the cost, so I'm a bit nervous.
Well hopefully we will have a good weekend so that we can start off the week right and put last week behind us.

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