Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bow head and walk away...quickly!

By far the most embarrassing mommy moment to date. It was a beautiful day and Mill Creek Town Center was having a spring treasure hunt, so i took the kids. However, when we got there, it has just ended, soooo we decided to go to the park. As we drove there, we passed our house and asked the boys if anyone needed to go potty, to which both said no, i said, are you sure, they said yes. So to the park we went. You can imagine how busy the park was on a nice spring day. We had been there about five minutes and jack and mason were playing. I was watching mason with jack to my left when i heard laughter. I looked over at jack and horror swept over me! He had his pants to his knees, leaning back with his hands on his hips with a mellow yellow stream escaping from his lower region. Of course he had an BIG smile on his face. I immediately gasped and ran to him telling him to stop his flow, however, he couldn't or wouldn't, so i had to let him finish, otherwise he would have been covered in pee. I profusely apologized to the multiple parents around me, picked him up and exited quickly while praying i would never see any of those people again! Oh my what will i do with this boy??
Thank you daddy Kev for teaching him such a useful skill....

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  1. Nice! Is Kevin all proud of himself? I can totally picture his smile :)