Friday, April 9, 2010

The Last Laugh

So recently my boys have been testing potty words. Not the F bomb or anything too obscene, but things like peepee and poopoo and stupid. I have warned them that they would get soap in their mouths, and I can find soap anywhere no matter where we are, plus I always carry purell, so don't test me. Well, they did and I had to follow through. So we went into our bathroom and I took Jack first, inserted the bar of soap and he spit and gagged, which was the reaction I expected. Then it was Mason's turn. I did the same, soap in. However, my clever young 5 year old, gagged and gagged, then dry heaved then pucked. Remember, we are in the bathroom so the toilet is RIGHT THERE! However, he decided to throw up 6 inches away from the toilet from a standing position. So needles to say I spent the next 3o minutes cleaning up vomit with bleach in every corner of the bathroom, then did it again the next day just to make sure. All the while mason's sitting outside the door commenting on how mommy had to clean up his vomit and it's everywhere. I couldn't tell if he was merely commenting or heckling me from the doorway, but in the effort to save face, I tried to turn it back to him and said "you didn't like throwing up did you? Guess there won't be anymore potty words used in our house". Needless to say I did not get the last laugh that day. BUT.....there haven't been any potty words this week.

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